Single Point Gap Frame
100-370 ton

The Sutherland Mark Gen2 series of Single Point Mechanical Gap Frame Presses are stronger and more feature-packed than any Gap Frame Presses on the market today. These presses are built to last, featuring a cast slide body, stress-relieved welded steel frames and extra steel in the “C” section of the frames to reduce angular deflection under full load. The Mark Gen2 Series also features 6 point full-length slide guides, providing outstanding position repeatability, allowing for longer die life and higher quality parts. A super duty drivetrain with larger flywheels, crankshafts rated for 150% overload, heavy duty connection cods and ball Screws combine to provide for a higher energy rating curve ABDC. With color touch screen controls, automatic lubrication systems, and a centralized maintenance center, the Mark Gen2 Series is a highly versatile and productive line of presses.




  • I-PRESS AB PLUS scalable platform (Opt)
  • MOS Master operation station on hanging pendant
  • Encoder based slide position monitor
  • Multi-lingual for all control screens & operation
  • Speed & mode indicator
  • Variable speed drive
  • Programmable & nameable cams
  • Many other cool features, Request I-PRESS manual


  • I-PRESS & automation control
  • MEP Main electrical panel is shock mounted
  • RS T-Stand for full command
  • Hi-def color touch screen
  • Stroke position indicator
  • Brake / Overrun monitor
  • Fault monitoring & display screen
  • Die protection circuits


  • Hydraulic overload at 110% capacity
  • Keyed HOLP release for un-sticking near BDC
  • Tank & pump at floor level


  • IHI automatic grease lubrication
  • Recirculating Oil Systems (larger presses)
  • IHI electrically monitored lube distribution blocks
  • Bijur automatic air-counter balance oiler


  • Robust fabricated steel frames
  • Frames are stress relieved after welding
  • NTN Bearings on high speed shafts
  • Gears run in self contained oil bath
  • High compression bronze bushings
  • Crankshafts are rated for 150% capacity
  • Three piece connecting rod w/ alloy insert
  • Motorized slide adjustment (66 ton & above)
  • Six & Eight point full length slide guides
  • T-Slotted bolster & slide for die clamping


  • Ross safety lock out valve
  • Frames are stress relieved after welding
  • SMC liquid filled gages
  • SMC regulators & lubricators
  • NOK seals & packing'™s
  • Ross DM series DSV dual safety valve
  • Hi Torque combination clutch & brake
  • Air pressure switch monitored at control
  • Air counter balance cylinder for upper die weight
  • Flywheel brake for safe entry to die area